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What is Holistic Care

Holistic methods are complimentary, not an alternative to, traditional medical and veterinary care. While the methods are sometimes referred to as modalities, practices, remedies, techniques, therapies and treatments, they look at people and animals as a whole - body (physical), mind (mental and emotional) and spirit or soul (spiritual). Each is an integral part that plays a vital role in a person and animal's overall wellbeing, with the ultimate goal to achieve a state of harmony and balance. Holistic methods date back over 5,000 years ago to Chinese and Indian traditions.

How does holistic care help people and animals?

While some health issues are a result of improper nutrition or environmental factors, it is thought that the majority of illness and disease is the result of unresolved emotional issues. And yes, animals can get stressed out just like people.

Now for a little science to help explain why holistic care can help. Einstein stated that any physical matter is composed of energy. People and animals are made up of energy. Did you know that people and animals are composed mostly of water? Water is sensitive to vibration, and vibration is simply a subtle form of energy. So what does this mean? If water is sensitive to energy and people and animals are mostly water, then any energy based modality has the ability to have a profound impact on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Most of the holistic methods work on an energetic level, getting to the source or cause of the issue, not just the symptoms. Methods that use the body's energy are called energy medicine, which is considered the new frontier in medicine. Just keep in mind that not all types of alternative medicine are energy based, though, such as massage.