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My name is Raquel (Cheli) Chelouche. I am a Canadian Artist/jewelry designer. I express my artistic abilities creating unique jewelry pieces incorporating genuine gemstones and crystals.  I was always fascinated about gemstones and crystals. After more research I came to realize that crystals were used over thousands of years ago and played a big role in healing, philosophical symbols and technological devices.  Crystals are completely fundamental to our daily lives without most of us even being aware of it.   With further research I found out that crystals have healing energies and properties that can assist with different ailments. Gems and crystals are powerful conductors of universal energy. Their components are part earth and part star. The unique properties of each, built into their molecular code, bring forth different qualities and vibrations. When attuned to and worn, these frequencies can not only enhance beauty but promote health and positive change. Being able to help pets and their people with such energies at the same time as creating beautiful quality fashionable jewellery is a dream comes true.

With every item I made, I seek to unite the mineral, animal and human worlds and to promote awareness of beauty and of one's power to connect through the use of gemstones and crystals. This beautiful product is my way of honoring our animals and all that they give to us.