Small: 7.5" - 8.75"
Medium: 9" - 10.5"
Large: 11" - 12.5"


Price $73.00

Neck size


Please make sure you give us your dog's exact neck measurement so we can be sure to create the perfect fit!

For special issues or ailment please contact me by email. I will be happy to help your 4legged friend anytime!!!


PC016 - Tangarine dog gemstone crystal necklace

This gemstone dog necklace was custom made for a sweet half year healthy and happy dog that suddenly started to show signs of separation anxiety, whining and barking and a little bit of hysteria.

This dog necklace is Hand-woven waxed Cotton Cord.

** Price is for neck measurement smaller then 35 cm. For bigger one price would be a bit higher. For more info please contact us by personal message.

Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Raw Baltic Amber; have been interwoven to aid the issues.

Separation anxiety, whining, nervousness and hysteria in female dogs, will boost confidence and protection.
o Amethyst helps with 

It aids Mental and emotional clarity. Citrine helps in early training with young pets that may get confused and fail to Citrine helps in the normal functioning of the digestive system and keeps it clean and healthy and training problems

Citrine brings peace of mind and keeps an animal happy and content. Citrine helps animal to adapt and get used to strange and confusing circumstances

Chakra: base, sacral, solar plexus, crown

Moonstone carries lunar energy and helps to balance emotional upsets. Moonstone has a gentle energy that helps to ease stresses and feelings of anxiousness

It helps to calm over-reactions. The stone is filled with receptive passive energy which helps to alleviate negative attributes

Moonstone helps your pet to deal with stress and emotional instability. It provides your pet with deep emotional healing.

It balances and regulates hormonal levels

The Black Tourmaline acts like a protective field, shielding the animal from harmful influences.

Black Tourmaline shields and protect from negative energy - environmental or emotional. With dogs, it is especially important to offer this help because of their tendency to protect their beloved people by pulling into themselves tension and even illness

The raw Baltic amber is a natural fleas and ticks repellent. Amber is most effective when it is raw, and has its natural "skin". It has been proven that Baltic amber has the highest amount of succinct acid and the properties are highest with the raw amber, or amber that still contains the outer "skin". AMBER is a resin which contains aromatic chemicals called terpines which produce a resinous aroma from the amber.

When worn on your pet the friction from their fur will absorb this resinous smell from the amber and when the resinous aromatic terpines is released it repels the ticks and fleas. The second way in which amber works is the electrostatic properties. Static electricity is generated when amber is rubbed against the fur which works as a tick and flea deterrent. The longer your pet wears the necklace, the more effective it will be. It usually takes 3 weeks or more of wear to have maximum repelling properties

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